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Network211 offers website construction and hosting for our advanced partners. This page details the terms of service for this hosting service.


What is included in the demo site?

Network211 has provided a demo site that contains the site as it will be installed for the local church. Network211 will:

  • 1. Pre-Configured Site - Network211 will build a site for the local church with minimal customization.
    • Provide a host for the website. Presently, there are no storage or bandwidth limits. Should the local church no longer support Network211's ministry, after 3 months, the church will be required to move the website to their own web host.
    • Install all Joomla software and extensions as listed below
    • Install local content
    • Install local church's logo
    • Setup Google calendar for use in the website gCalendar extension
    • Setup Google email accounts for each staff member if desired by the local church As of December 5, 2012, Google no longer offers free email accounts using the church's domain name. This service is available for $25/year for each email account. We can set this up if desired. As an alternative we can set up email accounts on the web server. The email accounts work well and should meet the need of any church. However, they are not hosted on gmail.
  • 2. CMS Software - Network211 builds it hosted websites using the Joomla Content Management System (CMS). This software allows for unlimited expansion of features and content. Using Joomla, the average user can add and edit content. Network211 staff will install the latest version of Joomla 1.7. Network211 staff will regularly update the Joomla software minor version. Upgrades between major versions may require significant revision of the site.
  • 3. Design Options - The local church can choose from five different available templates. The color schemes of each template can be modified at installation or after the site is live to allow the church to have a unique look.
  • 4. Available Features (extensions) - The site provided can include the following features if desired by the local church.
    • Church information page, including service times, Google location map, contact information, etc. Example
    • Ministry pages with content provided by the local church (e.g. Kids, Youth, Small Groups, etc.). Example
    • A church calendar which uses the calendar service provided by Google Calendars
    • Audio sermon library, which allows the church to upload audio sermons, categorize them by series or speaker. These libraries also serve as podcasts which can be registered with iTunes.
    • Event registration system that allows web site visitors to sign up for events. (Free extension is currently unavailable.) (4/25/2012 - Event registration is available for an additional one time charge of around $75. This is to cover the cost of purchasing the extension for your site.)
    • Photo gallery software which facilities easy display of photos of events or ministries. (Sample)
    • Video. We do not host video. However, there are many free or low cost services on the Web that will host your video. (e.g. Vimeo.com, Youtube.com) You can then place an embed code on any page to show the video on your site. Live video streaming of services is also possible using third party services. (eg. ustream.com)
    • Online Donations. We will help you set up a simple Donate button using Paypal. This will allow donors to give online using a credit card or PayPal account. The local church is responsible to setup and verify the PayPal account.
    • Addition features. Almost any type of service or feature can be added to the website. These features may be available at additional cost. Please contact us for further information.
  • 5. Syndicated Content - Each website will contain syndicated content from Network211 content database. This will include:
    • The Jesus Path - a series of discipleship videos and lessons
    • Journey Answers/Life Issues - evangelistic video presentations. All visitor responses will automatically be entered into the secure 121 Connections discipleship application.
    • Automatically updating daily devotions for adults and teens
    • The local church webmaster may add any syndicated content from GlobalChristianCenter at any time. See the GlobalChristianCenter.com syndication page for more details.
  • 6. Webmaster Training

What Do I Need to Do to Get a Site?

  • 1. Review the Demo Website - Network211 has created a website which demonstrates the elements that will be included in the pre-fab website. Before contacting Network211, the local church should do a complete review of this site to determine whether it is suitable for their use. (Please note that the template picker and the color picker will not be included on the actual site although these tools will be accessible from the administrator log-in.)
  • 2. Complete this Form - Complete the Advanced Package registration form to indicate your desire to obtain a free website. One of our staff will email or call you to discuss your request. Once your monthly support is confirmed, Network211 can proceed to build your site.
  • 3. Obtain a Domain Name - The local church is responsible to register and pay for the registration of their site domain name. Network211 technical staff can assist in the process if needed. Network211 recommends Godaddy.com as one possible domain registrar.
  • 4. Set Domain Name Server - Regardless where the domain name is registered, the name servers must be set to the following. Network211 tech staff can assist with this function if needed.
    • ns1.websitehostserver.net
    • ns2.websitehostserver.net
  • 5. Answer These Questions
    • Which style (or look) is desired? There are almost 50 different designs/looks that you can choose from the demo site. At the bottom of the demo page, select a layout (template) from the left and then click on the buttons to see which color schemes are available for that particular layout. There five basic templates and 8-12 styles in each template. Note that you can use the phones which appear in the headers of these templates or they can be replaced with photos which you provide. (The photos must be the same size as the template photo.)
    • Which extensions do you expect to use? (Includes: sermons podcast, photo galleries, church calendar, pastor's blog, online giving, domain specific email addresses, etc)
    • Which ministry pages should be included in the site? (Not all of the ministry pages on the site need to be included and others can be added if needed.) For example, if you desire to have a page for children's ministry, youth ministry, etc. You should provide the text and any photos desired for each page you desire on the site.
    • Do you need other pages to be designed for your site?
    • Does the church have a public Google calendar? If not, Network211 staff will create one for them. This is required to use the church calendar system.
    • Does the church desire to have domain specific email addresses for its staff (e.g. john.smith@localchurchdomain.com)? If desired, Network211 staff will set these up using Google mail. (Up to 10 free email addresses. Beyond 10 Google charges $50/user/year.)
  • 6. Provide The Following Content - Before Network211 will build a website, the local church must provide the following content. You may provide it in a Word/RTF document form with photos attached. Mail the information to it@network211.com.
    • Church name, address, phone, email, fax, etc.
    • Church logo in digital format. (If you have a vector based graphic file, this is preferred.)
    • Church service times
    • Church webmaster, including name, email address, phone/cell phone
    • Names and email addresses of individuals who will have
      • Author status (can create articles but not post them)
      • Administrator status (has control over all content)
    • Content and photos for ministry pages
    • Content and photos/graphics for any other pages desired on the site.
    • Church logo. If none is available, Network211 staff will create a simple text based logo from the church's name.
    • "Our Beliefs" if stated differently than 16 Fundamental Truths of the Assemblies of God.
    • Pastoral/Ministry/Office Staff. This would include name, positions, brief description of the person or ministry. This should also include contact information such as email address (these can be local domain email addresses), cell phone, address etc. None of this information needs to be made public. The site can send email to the staff person without revealing the address. A photo of the staff member should also be provided.
    • Ministry Descriptions - Separate descriptions of each of the church's primary ministries, such as: youth, children, senior adults, etc. If photos are available for each ministry, they will be placed in galleries for each ministry.

Normal Workflow Process

Normally the process of building a site progresses as follows:

  1. The authorized representative of church completes the Advanced Partner Signup form
  2. If the church does not already have a domain name, the church representative should register the domain name it prefers. We recommend Godaddy as an inexpensive domain registrar. (Hint: look around the Internet for Godaddy discount coupons before paying.)
  3. Network211 is not in the website building ministry. Rather the websites we build for churches are a way for us to give back something to churches which support our Internet evangelism ministry. Thus we offer to build and host a website for each church that supports Network211 for least $50 per month. So we ask that the church make a regular missions commitment that it will become a supporter of Network211's evangelism ministry. This can be done in 2 ways.
    • Go to the giving page for Network211 and click Give Monthly and make a commitment for $50 per month. This will automatically debit your credit card and create a commitment to Network211's ministry.
    • Go to the World Missions commitment form. Complete your church information. The information for Network211 should already be completed. For Missionary receiving support enter Network211, Region: International Ministries and Missionary's account number enter 663646
    • The missions support must be maintained at the committed level of giving or the website will be disconnected after due notification.
  4. Your content is essential to begin the process. It should be sent to us in a package containing the information requested. In particular we need items #5 & 6 above, What Do I need to do to get a site).
  5. Once we have received your content, we will start building the site. Normally this takes about a week from the time we have received all your content.
  6. We will send you a link to the site for your review. We will make any changes you desire.
  7. We will connect your new site to your domain name. The site is now public.
  8. We will build your Google calendar.
  9. It is essential that your webmaster review the tutorial videos.
  10. The church's webmaster sets up a time with one of our staff to provide training on how to maintain the site. This normally takes about 60-90 minutes and is done over the phone with the church's webmaster at his/her computer connected to the Internet.
  11. The site is turned over to the church's webmaster. The webmaster will now be responsible for updates and changes to the site. Network211's support staff will still be available should a technical difficulty arise.

Ongoing Support

  • 1. Once the site is setup and local content incorporated into the website, Network211 staff will no longer be involved in site maintenance. The local church webmaster is responsible to add or modify all content. The local church webmaster will have complete control over all aspects of the website and can add additional content and menus or menu items as desired.
  • 2. Network211 will provide the following service:
    • Update Joomla software within the minor version
    • Update critical extension versions
    • Backup and Restoring. Should the website be hacked, defaced or otherwise broken, Network211 staff will restore the site to its original condition as it was when turned over the local church webmaster. The website host makes daily backups of the site automatically. The church webmaster should endeavor to periodically download a backup copy to ensure the site can be restored to a current condition should the website be compromised. If current backups are available, Network211 staff will assist the webmaster in restoring the site to the current condition.
    • All requests for support should be directed to the Network211 Support Ticketing System.
  • 3. Should the local church desire additional features not included in the pre-fab package, Network211 will refer them to web designers or programmers who can provide the desired features at additional cost.
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