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Using Network211's Connection Software on your Website

Network211 offers its proprietary follow-up software to all 'advanced' level partners. This software manages the conversations between inquirers (individuals who complete a form on an evangelism website) and connectors (mature Christians who correspond with inquirers).

There are several steps you need to follow in order to make this functional:

Install the form on your page

You need to obtain the appropriate HTML form code to insert on your response page. This code is highly specialized and must be entered correctly or the form data you collect will not be entered into the system. You can see an example of this form here (an example from or here (an example from You will notice that while you cannot modify the form or input tags, you can style the form to match your website.

Please contact Network211 to obtain a copy of the form code. If you want, you can provide the logon information for your website to our staff and we will install it for you on your page.

To contact our support staff, generate a ticket here.

Once the form is working properly, all form entries on your site will be entered into our Connection software and directed back to your connector team.

Building a Connector Team

Before Network can direct inquirers back to your church, you must create a connector team. A connector team consists of one team coach and at least 6-10 other connectors who have committed to interacting with inquirers who enter their information on your site.

Each person who wants to become a connector must complete the connector application form which can be found here.

Before the applicant can be approved as a connector, he or she must be recommended by the pastor. You can streamline the process by emailing us a list of persons who are "pre-approved." In this way, our connection software manager can immediately approve their application. Please note that Network211 cannot add connectors to your team unless each person has completed the application form and the church has recommended them.

Responding to Inquirers

Once the form is installed on your web page and tested and you have formed a connector team, our connections manager will create a team for your church and begin filtering inquirers back to your team. The team members will then log on to daily to check to see whether there are any new inquirers.

More detailed instructions for connectors is available on

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